How to make the most of the flight deals while traveling to India

Exclusive tips on how to make the most out of flight deals while traveling to India. Whether you’re a budget traveler or simply looking for ways to save money on airfares, these tricks will come in handy and help turn your dream trip into a reality.

Planning to head on to the most culturally diverse country of the world, but concerned about affordable flights?

Well, we have got you covered!

With tons of travel options available online, it’s not impossible to score cheap flights to India for your next adventure.

In this blog post, we’ll be sharing some exclusive tips on how to make the most out of flight deals while traveling to India. Whether you’re a budget traveler or simply looking for ways to save money on airfares, these tricks will come in handy and help turn your dream trip into a reality.

Book Early:

To obtain discounted airfares, it is crucial to plan your travel well in advance and book your tickets as early as possible. Despite the availability of occasional discounts and deals, booking early has consistently proven to be the most effective way to secure cheaper flights. Also, when you book early, you have plenty of time to plan for your travel and arrange for finances beforehand, making your trip a comfortable and hassle-free one.

Use Incognito Mode:

Flight booking websites often record your cookies and server details, leading to increased airfares upon subsequent visits. Avoid this by using private browsing mode or the popular Incognito mode in the browsers you use. Alternatively, clear your cookies or access the website from a different browser or computer. You can also use incognito mode when booking from your mobile phone browsers.

Utilize Flight Comparison Websites:

It is a good idea to use flight comparison websites such as BookTickets2India to obtain a comprehensive listing of flights to your desired destination. These platforms offer comparative fares from different airlines, allowing you to identify the most affordable options. Additionally, you get a dashboard with plenty of options. For instance, the portal offers you the ability to select the entire month instead of specific dates to discover the cheapest time to fly.

Consider Different Airlines:

While booking a return journey may seem convenient, it’s worth exploring flights offered by other airlines. Be open to adjusting your flight timings to find more affordable deals. By investing some extra effort, you can often find cheaper alternatives and save money.

Avoid Booking on Weekends:

Contrary to popular belief, weekends are not the best time to book flights. Airfares typically rise on Fridays and decrease on Mondays or Tuesdays. Based on observations over six months, Wednesdays and Thursdays tend to be the cheapest days to book flight tickets. If you are traveling to India, you may also want to book around festivals as the rates are at the highest peak during those times.

Book through Airline Websites:

While third-party travel booking websites offer convenience, they often include service charges that increase the final amount. To save a few hundred bucks or more, visit the official websites of airlines to book your desired flights.

Explore Flexible Dates:

If your travel plans are flexible, consider searching for flights one or two days earlier or later than your intended date. By doing so, you may discover significantly cheaper options that are very close to your preferred travel dates. Use the calendar function provided by flight booking platforms to compare prices across different dates.

Utilize Mobile Apps for Booking:

Take advantage of mobile apps offered by various travel websites. These apps frequently provide exclusive discount codes that can reduce flight prices by 5-10% or more. Keep an eye out for such offers to offset convenience charges and travel insurance fees.

Make Payments through Wallets:

Many digital wallets like Mobikwik, Paytm, Freecharge, and Payumoney offer additional cashback when you use them to make flight bookings. Check the dedicated offers pages of these wallets for deals on hotel bookings, bus bookings, and flights. You can often stack these cashback offers with other discounts and save even more.

Book Two Single Flights from Different Providers:

For more adventurous travelers willing to invest time, consider booking two one-way flights instead of a return or connecting flight. This allows you to maximize cashback and discounts offered by different providers. While it may involve extra data entry and separate payments, it can lead to significant savings, especially for higher-value or international flights.

Avoid Booking Directly from Airline Websites:

In the midst of the booking process, you will often realize that the official airline websites are not offering any cashback or discounts. They do this as they realize that many people take the websites as authentic sources of booking and will continue booking no matter if the rates are higher. However, third-party booking websites offer better services, and that too in an assured manner. You can get amazing discounts and deals on booking platforms like BookTickets2India for booking cheap flights 2 India.

Utilize Student and Senior Citizen Discounts:

Some airlines offer small discounts on the base fare for students and senior citizens. Check if you qualify for these discounts and make use of them during your flight booking.

Opt for Hand-Baggage-Only Fare Tickets:

If you’re traveling alone and don’t have much luggage, choose the hand baggage-only option when selecting your flight. Airlines often provide incentives for passengers traveling light, as their expenses decrease when flights carry less weight.

Check for Coupons and Offers:

It is always a good practice to search for offers and discounts when booking flights. Many websites provide various types of discounts or cashback deals for flight bookings. Look for offers specifically tailored to round-trip or international flights, as well as those based on the total ticket price.


Traveling to India can be electrifying. However, if not planned wisely, it can be a costly affair. Finding the best flight deals and making the most of them can help ease those worries a little bit. With our tips on how to make the most of your flight deals while traveling to India, you should now feel more informed and confident about finding that perfect deal for your travels.