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    All of us can relate to long halts, booking complications, and layover intricacies when we book a flight to or from India to the USA. At BookTickets2India, we work to simplify all of this by offering you stress-free booking. Bringing you the best prices and the fastest routes possible, we aim at saving you money, time, and effort.


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    MAA – Chennai International Airport

    Flights to Chennai

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    DEL – Indira Gandhi Intl – Delhi, India

    Flights to Delhi

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    BOM – Chhatrapati Shivaji Intl – Mumbai, India

    Flights to Mumbai

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    HYD – Rajiv Gandhi Intl – Hyderabad, India

    Flights to Hyderabad

    from USD 899

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    When to travel India

    The best time to fly to India from the USA is from March till October. The fare tickets we offer during this period are cheaper. If you are planning to travel to India from the USA in October or November, you might have to keep your budget prepared as prices are often skyrocketing due to the festival season. It is better to plan the trip one month in advance to book cheap flights. Besides, you can expect certain fluctuations in pricing throughout the year. Worry not as we keep updating our users about ticket pricing and discounts regularly.

    For any last minute discounts or buying affordable tickets during the peak season, contact us directly and the unpublished deals available at that time.

    Flight distance and time

    Currently, the average time of flight between the USA and India is around 17 hours and 21 minutes with an average speed of 500mph covering around 11760 km between New York and Delhi. There are certain nonstop flights in operation from 3 reputed airlines including United Airlines, Delta Airlines, and Air India.

    Book Ticket 2 India FAQs

    Q. what are the major flights from the USA to Australia?

    Ans- Though it is a huge journey, there are plenty of flights to choose from. The major airlines supporting ideal air travel between the USA to Australia are Qantas Airways, American Airlines, and Alaska Airlines. While there are other companies too, these three offer constant air routes.

    Q. Are tourists allowed in Australia now?

    Ans- The country halted its entry for tourists for a brief period. However, with things getting back to normal now, all passengers are allowed to visit the country. However, there is a mandatory guideline to show a negative Covid report on arrival. This applies to all passengers aged two years and older. The test should be taken no more than two days before they travel. In some airlines, the documentation of recovery from Covid 19 is also mandated.

    Q. Are normal flights operating between USA and India?

    Ans- There has been a consistent series of restrictions on various international flights operating between India and the USA. But thankfully, the normal operations began on March 27. With international flights and regular operations in the act now, there is a huge rush for summer travel between the two countries. Note that some travel guidelines for pandemic still apply.

    Q. How much time will it take to reach from Australia to the USA through air travel?

    Ans- while the air travel time varies as per the route taken by the flight, there is a normal average time of 19 hours between the two countries. This can increase if there is a layover flight or a halt in between. Flights usually have a stoppage in countries like India, the UK, China, or Dubai.


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