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    Booking flights from the USA to India can be a bit of a headache due to several factors. Peak season time, lack of customer support, increasing cost and low availability are some of the factors we all face. BookTickets2India resolves all these issues and offers you a seamless booking platform. We bring you the best price for the fastest routes available for one-way and roundtrip flights to and from the USA.


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    MAA – Chennai International Airport

    Flights to Chennai

    from USD 850

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    DEL – Indira Gandhi Intl – Delhi, India

    Flights to Delhi

    from USD 699

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    BOM – Chhatrapati Shivaji Intl – Mumbai, India

    Flights to Mumbai

    from USD 899

    74 Reviews


    HYD – Rajiv Gandhi Intl – Hyderabad, India

    Flights to Hyderabad

    from USD 899

    74 Reviews

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    What is the best time to visit India?

    India is the seventh largest county and features diverse climatic conditions spread across varied landscapes. Hence, if you want to travel to India, you should avoid coming in peak summer or winter time. The ideal time will be between Feb to April or between August to November. Also, the festive season in India embraces larger crowds from all across the world. Take note that availability is low and fares are higher during that time. Hence, you may need to book your tickets in advance. To avoid higher charges, use our platform for efficient and cost-effective booking measures.

    If you are looking for last-minute cheap flights to India, we have plenty of options for you. We can get you the greatest deals on last-minute bookings, saving you time and money.

    Time for the USA to India flights

    The fastest flight from New York to India takes around 13h 50 minutes. The average time ranges from 15 hours to 16 hours for non-stop flights.

    BookTicket2India FAQs

    Q. Do I save on roundtrip bookings?

    Ans- Roundtrip bookings are always genuinely priced as compared to saperate one way bookings. Our platform will compare and show you the lowest possible price for the roundtrip travel you are looking for.

    Q. What are the best places to see in India?

    Ans- India has tons of places to conjure you with beauty and a mesmerizing experience. You can start your journey from the Taj Mahal and forts of Jaipur and then proceed towards the mountainous bliss of Himachal and Kashmir. You can also plan to visit the serene coastal regions of Southern India for that relaxing time during your travel.

    Q. Should I be concerned about Covid now?

    Ans- As of now, there is no major threat of the Covid outbreak in India. Traveling from the USA to India is safe now. However, you should cooperate when the safety measures are in place, such as temperature checking or wearing masks in certain areas.

    Q. How much time is it going to take to travel from the USA to India?

    Ans- The average time for a non-stop flight is around 15 hours. However, the time may depend on various factors such as the airlines, climate, and runway availability.


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