Exploring the Hidden Gems: Top Places to Visit in South Goa

Exploring the Hidden Gems: Top Places to Visit in South Goa

Goa is more than simply the beaches, Tito’s, Baga, and Mambo. You have to discover the party capital of our nation’s other half, which is located down south.

A genuine visitor should discover the other vibrant regions of South Goa, which are not simply limited to beaches. There are many attractions to visit in this region. While South Goa sightseeing is a great way for individuals to unwind and revive their senses, North Goa is known for being a party destination.

Check out the top places to visit in South Goa for that punch!

Places to Visit in South Goa

Known for being more serene, gentler, and cleaner than its cousin region, South Goa is a popular destination. White sand with fine grains makes up South Goa’s beaches.

In South Goa, even the newly constructed churches retain their Portuguese magnificence. South Goa Beaches has an abundance of watersports for those who are water babies.

Palolem Beach offers silent noise events where partygoers can get down. At Butterfly Beach, shutterbugs would have plenty of opportunities to photograph butterflies.

Bookmark the 10 Best Places to Visit in South Goa

Beaches in South Goa Other Places to Visit in South Goa
Palolem Beach Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary
Agonda Beach Shri Saptakoteshwar Temple
Benaulim Beach Netravali Lake
Colva Beach Dudhsagar Waterfalls
Butterfly Beach
Bogmalo Beach

Beaches to Explore

1. Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach goa-min

If you want to soak up the sun among the white sands beneath the palm-shaded trees, make sure to visit this fantastic beach while visiting South Goa. One of the greatest destinations in South Goa for couples to visit is Palolem Beach.

It has calm loungers and vibrant beach cottages in a crescent form. It’s also one of the most well-known beaches in Goa for silent disco events that take place there after sundown. When you visit Palolem Beach, the shopping, dining, lodging, and water activities are the cherry on top.

  • Where to Party at Palolem Beach: Silent Noise Disco, Leopard Valley, Neptune, Sundowner
  • Water Sports at Palolem Beach: Scuba diving, Windsurfing, Banana Ride, Dolphin Sighting Trip, Water scooter, Paragliding, Dinghy sailing, kayaking, paddling
  • Where to Eat at Palolem Beach: Draupadi, Crystal Goa, Havana Cuba

2. Agonda Beach

Agonda Beach goaAmong the top three South Goa destinations to see in three days is this beach, which is one of the state’s four turtle breeding areas. Around the perimeter of Agonda Beach are several bars and beach cottages.

Even during the busiest months, Agonda Beach, which is tucked between Palolem and Cola beaches, is less congested. At Agonda Beach, you may discover beachfront lodging options as well as reasonably priced beach huts to relax in without breaking the bank.

The nicest part about Agonda Beach is that it’s a picture-perfect beach for tourists to lounge on because hawkers aren’t allowed there. As a result, it is now among the best destinations in Goa for couples to visit. Lush green coconut and palm trees are peppered around Agonda Beach.

  • Where to Party Near Agonda Beach: Silent Noise Disco, Leopard Valley, Snoopy Bar, and Restaurant
  • Watersports at Agonda Beach: parasailing, jet skiing ride, banana boat ride, kayaking, surfing
  • Where to Eat at Agonda Beach: Simrose, Fatima’s Corner, Madu’s Beach Hut

3. Benaulim Beach

Benaulim Beach goaBenaulim Beach is stunning, spanning many kilometers with white beaches. Because lifeguards are always on duty along the shore, this beach is among the safest spots to swim in South Goa.

Benaulim Beach is a local’s favorite beach for an evening promenade because of its silverfish sands and an enormous selection of activities. Benaulim Beach has several eateries by the shoreline where you may eat while taking in expansive views of the Arabian Sea.

Because you can see some of the local handicrafts here, Benaulim Beach is your answer to the greatest beaches in Goa for families. One of the greatest beaches in Goa for nightlife is Benaulim Beach, especially if you’re visiting with pals.

  • Where to Party at Benaulim Beach: Club Eutopia, Club Margarita, Zoya, Pedro’s Benaulim
  • Watersports at Benaulim Beach: Boat ride, parasailing, banana ride, jet skiing, kayaking, dolphin spotting
  • Where to Eat at Benaulim Beach: Esco’s Sun and Moon, Cavatina Cuchina, Joecons Beach Shack

4. Colva Beach

Benaulim Beach goaThe mystery is that Colva Beach’s nightlife is superior to North Goa’s. Luxurious services abound along this beach and its environs, such as air-conditioned motels and reasonably priced vacation homes.

Colva Beach, one of the greatest spots to visit in south Goa at night, with discos that draw trendy audiences and parties that last till the early hours of the morning.

The sunny state of India’s pure white sands and coconut trees make the ideal Instagram backdrop for stepping up your social media game.

  • Where to Party at Colva Beach: Boomerang Beach Bar, The Gatsby Pub, Ziggy’s Club
  • Water Sports at Colva Beach: Parasailing, kayaking, banana ride, speedboat, windsurfing, jet ski
  • Where to Eat at Colva Beach: The Garden, Sandpat Beach Shack, Barbeque Bay

5. Butterfly Beach

Butterfly BeachOne of the greatest locations in South Goa for a honeymoon is Butterfly Beach, where couples can observe vibrant butterflies among goldfish and redfish.

The beach acquired its name because of its remarkable resemblance to the shape of a butterfly, which is why it is tucked in the valley. This seashore is made more beautiful by the thick greenery of trees.

Travelers can take a boat or ferry from Palolem or Agonda Beach to Butterfly Beach. It’s the simplest route to the shore. If not, get ready for an amazing 3–4 km (about) journey into the forest.

One of the most romantic things to do in South Goa for couples is to go dolphin sightseeing in the morning and watch the breathtaking sunset change colors.

Butterfly Beach appears more like a little beach cove, thus you won’t find any restaurants or tourist attractions there. But don’t worry—you can travel to Butterfly Beach with snacks and mineral water in your boat.

  • Where to Party Near Butterfly Beach: Kopi Desa Agonda, Leopard Valley, Silent Noise Club
  • Things to Do at Butterfly Beach: Dolphin spotting, photography, sunset viewing
  • Where to Eat Near Butterfly Beach: The Zest, Olive Room, Kanvas

6. Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo Beach goaThis beach, which has golden sand, is located near the little fishing community of Bogmalo. On both sides of the beach are palm and coconut trees. In Bogmalo Beach, there is a single diving school where you can take diving training.

Despite being one of Goa’s beaches nearest to the airport, Bogmalo Beach is still undiscovered by large numbers of tourists. Thus, for a fun-filled day of swimming and tanning, head over to Bogmalo Beach.

There won’t be any dull times because Bogmalo Beach is surrounded by top-notch eateries, hotels of various kinds, and nightclubs.

  • Where to Party Near Bogmalo Beach: Lobby Label, Sunset Bar, Ruby Bar
  • Watersports at Bogmalo Beach: Parasailing, windsurfing, scuba diving, jet skiing
  • Where to Eat at Bogmalo Beach: Dom’s Sea Restaurant, Joet’s Bar And Restaurant, Tony’s Beach Club

Other Places to Explore

1. Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

cotigao wildlife sanctuary goa-minIn South Goa, how about a wildlife refuge? Put Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary in your bookmarks if that seems like something you’d like to visit. It’s one of the few spots in South Goa to visit in the monsoon when the lushness is truly breathtaking.

Highlights of Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary include large trees, deciduous and semi-evergreen flora, and multistoried woods. Bring binoculars, and explore any of the eight paths, which range in length from 500 meters to 5 kilometers.

Although the forest service permits private car admission, most people choose to hike instead. There used to be tigers and leopards, but the likelihood of seeing them has decreased.

  • Entry Timings: 7 AM to 5:30 PM, every day
  • Entry Fee: ₹ 5 (approx.)
  • Ideal Duration: 3-4 hours (approx.)

2. Shri Saptakoteshwar Temple

Shri Saptakoteshwar Temple goa-minVisit one of South Goa’s historic temples to improve your spiritual well-being. Shri Saptakoteshwar Temple, which is said to be one of the six major Lord Shiva temple locations in the Konkan region, will wow you with its exquisite workmanship!

This place hosts the well-known Gokulashtami Festival every August, which draws spiritual travelers. The history of the Shri Saptakoteshwar Temple begins with the Kadamba Dynasty, 950 years ago.

  • Entry Timings: 6 AM to 7 PM (approx.)
  • Travel Tip: Wear Indian style attire that covers your whole body

3. Netravali Lake

Netravali Lake goa-minCall it Bubble Lake, Budbudyanchi Tali, or Netravali Lake; they all refer to the same place. This freshwater lake, which is said to have originated between 300 and 400 years ago, is situated in the center of the spice farm in Netravali Village, Sanguem. Part of the Gopinath Temple, it serves as a reservoir for water.

Observe how the methane gas released by the aquatic plants causes the bubbles in the lake to form concentric rings.

  • Entry Timings: 8 AM to 6 PM (approx.)
  • Travel Tip: Don’t pollute the freshwater lake by throwing anything. Be a responsible tourist.

4. Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Dudhsagar Waterfalls goa-minOne of the tallest waterfalls in India, the milky, foamy cascades of this four-tiered waterfall reach a height of 1,020 feet (approx.). It is situated in a verdant, thick deciduous woodland. Because you can approach the falls from here, the splendor of Dudhsagar Waterfalls is multiplied during the monsoon when you travel through Mollem National Park and Mahaveer Sanctuary. Swimming is available in the tiny pond located at the base area.

Go to the offshore casinos in South Goa if you had like to discover destinations in the area other than its quiet beaches. For a hassle-free trip, reserve South Goa tour packages, which include lodging, meals, transportation, and scenic tours.

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